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To establish the secure environment on Internet, E-mail and online transaction, Government of Nepal has already set the necessary legal framework by enacting the Electronic Transaction Act 2063. The enforcement of the Electronic Transaction Act depends on the setting up of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to enable a strong form of protection, providing the required digital evidence for a transaction, protecting the business process and making it legally binding. In fact, the adoption of PKI makes available the comprehensive set of secured processes required for secure electronic transactions, in terms of Authenticity, Integrity, Confidentiality and non Repudiation functions.

Digital Signature Certificates:

Root CA of Nepal
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Certifying Authority : Radiant Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
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Certificate Revocation List
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Press Release on Digital Signature Lunching Program
Added Date : 2015-12-02

Last Updated date: 2015-12-02

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